On a Tuesday night at the tender age of 14 an older friend introduced him to the R&B sounds being played at the Esquire Show Bar, a Montreal mainstay on the funk circuit of the 50’s and 60’s. 4 years later he did his first professional gig at the same Esquire.
Turning to country music in late 70’s after a cross country tour with Rock and Roll legend Buddy Knox he developed his personal vocal style which shows traces of James Brown, Tom Jones, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson and Buddy Holly,

This past year Eddy has been playing bars, legions, festivals, and private parties. Currently producing radio shows and recording several fellow singer songwriters and sorting through songs for his next CD. Eddy also is always on the lookout for new artists and announcers for radio and live performances.

You might ask why Eddy chose Fusion 3000 to represent him and his music and the answer is simple. Gerry Labelle is respected as one of the most truthful, honest and hard working individuals in the music industry today. What more could a songwriter ask for in a representative?

Eddy was born and bred in the city and now lives in the country and plays, performs, sings, records and writes country music …….a true concrete cowboy.